Klaas Burger

How to try to act as if there was a future

Year of birth: 1977 Field: Visual arts, activism City: Wrocław



Visual artist and journalist from Breda, the Netherlands. Above all, he raises the issue of cultural exclusion, and is also known for involving groups operating on the margins of society. In Wrocław, he worked on the project “How to try to act as if there was a future”, in which he invited the Roma inhabitants from the camp on Kamieńskiego Street and local activists. His aim was, among other things, to explore the possibility of full participation of all the inhabitants of the city in the social and cultural life. The activities, summarised in Łokietka 5 – Infopunkt Nadodrze, were part of Burger's cycle “The Future Works” (earlier editions took place in Boxmeer, Breda and Moengo), exploring ways of perceiving social problems in different European cities.