Magdalena Zamorska

Culture of Mobility 7.0

Year of birth: 1979 Field: Visual arts, performance City: Berlin

The study visit of Magdalena Zamorska during the exhibition “How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions” organised by Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, aims to identify curatorial practices related to the ecocritical trend. Within its framework, the researcher will consult and talk to artists and exhibition guests about possible cooperation and formats for the presentation of environmental and ecocritical art. In addition, Zamorska also plans to work on new projects with choreographer and performer Agata Siniarska in Berlin. They are to address issues such as “plant choreography”, “choreographic aeration” or “zero-vaste choreography”. The researcher and the artist would also like to establish closer cooperation with Art Laboratory Berlin – a project centre at the crossroads of art and science, which in recent years has been carrying out cycles of events dedicated to “nonhuman subjectivities”, “[macro]biologies & [micro]biologies”, “vegetal others”, “microbiome”.

Magdalena Zamorska – researcher, theoretician, cultural studies expert, doctor of humanities, assistant professor at the Institute of Cultural Studies and member of the Laboratory of Contemporary Humanities at the University of Wrocław. Author of the book “Intense Bodily Presence: Practices of Polish Buto Dancers”. She is interested in creative strategies in performative arts, with particular emphasis on practices in new choreography, issues of experience, perception and reception in art, as well as issues related to environmental humanities and critical posthumanistics. She has carried out several research projects on dance and choreography for the Institute of Music and Dance and the University of Wrocław. She runs a blog devoted to contemporary movement practices (