Mechthild Mansel

Residency at the City Gallery and the Engraver's House

Field: Visual arts City: Wrocław

The main subject of Mechthild Mansel’s works is an attempt to present human feelings, humanity in its all difficult moments. Characters she reveals are often ​deformed, as if there were destroyed during the process of creating them, therefore her works may be interpreted in different ways. Mansel creates using her senses and deriving from her feelings. She touches them, and then she moves through them, makes you feel awkward, sometimes anxious, carries away. The artist is active, among others, in oil painting and mixed techniques on paper, graphics (etching, litography, woodcut), ceramics as well as glass.

Mechthild Mansel was selected by the City of Dresden and she was a part of the residential exchange for graphic artists. In Wrocław her hosts were the City Gallery and the Engraver’s House. The Artist In Residence Programme AIR Wro was a partner of this residency. The organisers: the City of Wrocław and the City of Dresden.