Field: Sculpture, photography, urban art City: Świdnica, Kłodzko

MixMediaLab is the first residency initiative implemented in the Lower Silesia thanks to AIR Wro. The MMLab participants had an opportunity to experiment with forms and techniques under the guidance of carefully chosen curators. The first edition of the project was dedicated to three fields of art: sculpture, photography and urban art and the emphasis was put on studying the connection between art and specific space. Therefore, the micro-residencies included creating artworks for a selected location. Border areas of Lower Silesia were also a highly important context to the project, as the region has a rich, multicultural and multi-ethnic history, caused by the wave of migrants after World War II.


Maciej Kasprzak – a documentary photographer from Warsaw, who graduated from the Photography school run by the Association of Polish Art Photographers and is mainly interested in the study of the urban tissue. He presented his works at numerous exhibitions and publications. Kasprzak created a series of photographies portraying the beauty of neglected and abandoned spaces of Lower Silesia – entitled Asleep – as a result of MMLab residency.

Piotr Twardowski – a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Since 2000 he has been working there as a lecturer of the Faculty of Sculpture. A multiple-time scholar of Polish and foreign institutions, winner of international awards and honourable mentions. He participated in many prestigious exhibitions, conferences and symposiums. During his residency in Osada Gaj near Kłodzko town, he created – together with the curator, Piotr Makała – a sculpture entitled „Traces” (an old shines reference).

Luca Zamoc – born in Modena and graduated from Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. He works in the fields of street art, new media and illustration. He lived and worked, among others, in Milan, Berlin, Istanbul, New York and Los Angeles. Currently, he lives in Barcelona. Zamoc finds his inspiration in a variety of art phenomena and cultural text, including comic books from the 80’s, Bible or even the anatomy of a human. In Świdnica, he created a mural on the wall of the building on Teatralna Street – his work was inspired by the legend of a gryphon from Świdnica.