Svea Duwe


Year of birth: 1972 Field: Visual arts City: Wrocław

Svea Duwe is a visual artist from Dresden, staying in Wrocław for a month long residency in May 2015. During her stay in the city she was working on the follownowherehorizon project, which consists of three parts: photography, video work and sculpture. The common denominator for all elements is Wrocław as a place in constant motion, ambiguous, constantly changing.

In the part devoted to photography Duwe examines various meanings encoded in the visual tissue of the city. Various messages - advertisements, announcements or graphics - which we pass by indifferently on a daily basis, contain an ambiguous message. Through a selected set of photographs, the artist tries to deconstruct the original meanings and find a new symbolism in them.

The main character of the video work "Found Lost Connection" is Barbara Pigoń, an actress from Wrocław. Duwe – the director – follows her with a camera, getting to know the places in Wrocław, which are suspended between two points: bridges, underground passages and spaces remaining outside the ordered part of the city. The most important thing here is movement: accompanying an actress on a journey that has no specific purpose and escaping from permanence.

The sculpture created by Duwe resembles an anti-tank barrier. Although it will be covered with symbolism connected with the openness of the inhabitants of Wrocław, it is supposed to signal the contradictions present in contemporary Wrocław – a city of meetings, which is still struggling with the problem of misunderstanding various communities or cultures.