Verena Blok

One Two Three

Year of birth: 1990 Field: Photography City: Wrocław

Verena Blok is a photographer, graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KABK) in Hague, currently studying photography at AKV I St. Joost in Breda. In 2013 she won the Grand Prix Poznań Photo Diploma, which resulted in the presentation of her photographs from the series “I Smell Like Rain” at the Poznań PF Gallery. In Wrocław she realised the project “One Two Three”, in which she observed Polish wedding customs through the camera lens. Her interest in them is explained by the fact that Polish weddings are authentic in their tradition: large, lavish, full of social meanings, abundant in food and joy. This is one of the few celebrations during which it is natural for people that they are photographed or filmed. “If it is part of a ritual, the photographer feels welcome,” said Blok. The residency was closed at Barbara with the photography exhibition “One Two Three”.