Zlata Lebedz

Overdue Time Off: Belarussian Winter

Year of birth: 1998 Field: Visual arts City: Wrocław

Zlata Lebedz is a young visual artist from Minsk, who is the second participant in the residency project of the Culture Zone Wrocław: Overdue Time Off: Belarussian Winter.

The Byelorussian women currently lives in Poland and is a third year student of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Zlata is passionate about figurative painting, photography and performative activity. She is interested in feminist art and people's experiences on this level.

She participates in group exhibitions, such as: "ZÜPÅ" in Rotor2 Gallery in Gothenburg, Sweden (2019) and "Simple Gestures" in BWA Contemporary Art Gallery in Katowice this year. She co-created the exhibition "It's Not Us" together with Emanuela Pawłowska in BASEN in Katowice.

Zlata is the second of five artists coming from Belarus and living in Poland invited to the project Overdue Time Off: Belarussian Winter. The two-week residence in Wrocław is a time for creative space. The female artists will be able to focus on their own needs.

Watch the video interview with artist HERE.