Wrocław Cultural Guide

The only such comprehensive publication offering up-to-date information on cultural life in Wrocław. In each issue, the readers have a chance to find out about over one hundred events presented in a form of a timetable and also read the opinion journalism section of the magazine which consists of interviews, columns, lifestyle articles and unusual travel guides of the capital city of Lower Silesia. The magazine is published in two languages: Polish and English, and it comes with a special supplement dedicated to Ukrainian minority. You can get a free copy of the Cultural Guide in about 300 different places in Wrocław.

“Wrocław Cultural Guide” as you know it today had its debut in July 2017. The magazine was created based on the “Wrocław Cultural Guide by Impart” published since 2009, the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 newsletter and a monthly “Gazeta ESK” [“European Capital of Culture Newspaper”]. The timetable includes announcements of different projects organised by institutions, associations, clubs and organisations of Wrocław. Its unique form and the fact that it’s divided into seven different categories make it easy to find information on both big, international events and small, local ones. The opinion journalism section of the magazine includes, among others, interviews with authors, elaborate announcements, lifestyle guides, columns and city guides. The magazine has its permanent sections – Cultural recommendations where culture creators associated with Wrocław present their recommendations for the readers, “printed” version of the Ugly Wrocław fanpage, „5 questions to…”, and the Wrocław Column.

“Wrocław Cultural Guide” comes out every month (except for combined issues for Christmas/New Year and summer). It is dedicated to the citizens of Wrocław and surrounding areas, as well as tourists visiting the city. This is why all the articles and event descriptions in the timetable are available both in Polish and English. Special attention is paid also to the Ukrainian minority – each issue of the magazine comes with a supplement in Ukrainian, presenting the most interesting events of the month.

Free copies of the magazine are available in about 300 places spread around the whole city, including cultural institutions, libraries, public administration offices, catering establishments, as well as hotels and hostels, cinemas, universities, halls of residence, and tourist information points all around Wrocław.

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