We are encouraging the business people to collaborate with Strefa Kultury Wrocław. We would like our partners to be actively involved in all the events we organise, therefore, for each of them we prepare a personalised offer, adjusted to their needs and expectations.

We can offer a wide range of possibilities to participate in creating cultural events in Wrocław, from the local community actions to the biggest international artistic projects.
Together with cultural institutions from Poland and abroad, we have established a huge network of artistic and business activities which can help our partners not only to win more business but also to create a brand image. Collaboration with Strefa Kultury Biznesu Wrocław can be a chance for our business partners to implement the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, as well as have a positive influence on the relations between the employer and the employees as the result of developing internal communication and offering benefits packages.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Alicja Leśniowska
tel. +48 799 040 671 
e-mail: alicja.lesniowska@strefakultury.pl