Impart Centrum

Across the various venues managed by Culture Zone Wrocław, Impart has the longest tradition. Not only the building itself has a long history – dating all the way back to the end of 19th century. Impart itself (not necessarily under that name) has been here for seven decades now. Today the space at ul. Mazowiecka 17 contains two stages, where concerts, spectacles, and film screenings take place – including jam sessions organised as part of major Wrocław festivals. In 2023, the building at ul. Mazowiecka 17 was temporarily closed due to the plans for a general renovation. The new location of Strefa Kultury Wrocław (Culture Zone Wrocław) is the building of the former Witold Lutosławski Memorial Philharmonic at ul. Piłsudskiego 19, which is functions as Impart Centrum. 


Piłsudskiego 19
50-529 Wrocław


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tel. +48 508 491 901

Impart Centrum

In 1873 between the picturesque waterfront of northern Oława and the Mazowiecka street (called Margaretenstrasse at the time) an “établissement” commissioned by Paul Scholtz, a brewer, was built. It was a very popular at the time type of entertainment/recreation venue with a restaurant and a garden where spectacles were held. The venue owner's ambitions grew and thus less than a decade later the shows would include also theatrical plays. The venue (which then became the Paul Scholz’ Theater) would hire a full-time theatrical group “Concordia” showcasing a bold, German repertoire. In 1913 the building was sold to trade unions who – after major renovations – adapted it for their headquarters. The building was then reshaped to the form that is very similar to what we can see on Mazowiecka street today. The west wing contains two entertainment halls. One of the few structures that survived WWII in that area became the headquarters of the Voivodeship Cultural Centre. In 1990 this cultural centre was joined with the “Impart” Artistic Event Enterprise. This new Art Centre in mid-2012 became home to the Impart Festival Bureau 2016 – an institution responsible for managing the events of European Capital of Culture 2016 – Wrocław celebrations.

Over the years, Impart at ul. Mazowiecka benefited from having a total of six stages: the theatre hall capable of accommodating almost 600 people, the smaller chamber stage with mobile audience, the club stage at Impart Cafe, the stage for children at the Impart gallery, the stage in the backyard, and the stage at the square in front of Impart. Concerts, performances and jam sessions were held in these spaces known for providing some of the best acoustics in Wrocław. The Impart events were dedicated to the youngest viewers, teenagers, adults and seniors.

Impart was also the main arena for many Wrocław festivals and artistic reviews, including legendary events such as Jazz nad Odrą, but also those that have been an important part of the city's cultural landscape for only a few seasons (the "Dziecinada" International Festival of Children's Theatre). For the purposes of such events two open-air stages capable of accommodating a larger audience were created: the stage in the Impart's backyard and the stage at the square in front of Impart.

In addition to festival events, Impart's programme included concerts, performances, stand-ups, workshops and thematic cycles, such as musical meetings with young talents, initiated and conducted by Leszek Możdżer, that is the "Idzie nowe! Leszek Możdżer przedstawia" ("New Things Are Coming! Leszek Możdżer Presents”) series, the „Przed premierą” ("Before the Premiere") evenings with stage songs performed by young artists, the humorous Antikabaret popular among the residents of Wrocław, the “Kobietostan” ("Womenstate") feminist theatre series, and a series of puppet shows dedicated to the youngest viewers presenting the work of puppet theatres from all over Poland - IMPART DZIECIOM (IMPART FOR CHILDREN).

In 2023 the space at Mazowiecka 17 was closed due to the plans for a general renovation. At the beginning of March 2023, the new location of Impart was opened in the building of the former Witold Lutosławski Memorial Philharmonic at ul. Piłsudskiego 19. This place is well-known to the music lovers of Wrocław and evokes nostalgic memories in many of them. The building operated as a philharmonic from 1968 to 2015. This unique space come alive again after a few years of dormancy to provide the viewers with a rich cultural offer as Impart Centrum.

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