We’re sharing culture! Soon our activities will become a part of the programmes of two institutions - the newly established Wrocław Institute of Culture and the refreshed formula of the Culture Zone Wrocław.

From February 1st the activities of Microgrants will be a part of the Wrocław Institute of Culture programme, which will deal with the development of social, animation, research and competence projects of local, national and international range.

Microgrants is a city-wide support programme for local grassroots initiatives. It helps Wrocław residents realise their ideas in animation, social inclusion, education and recreation, all manner of artistic expression, as well as other culture-oriented efforts dedicated primarily to local communities. The programme was created in 2014 as part of the preparations for the European Capital of Culture 2016 – Wrocław celebrations. Since then 23 editions of the programme were organised resulting in the completion of over 200 projects.

It is especially important for us to support residents who are making their debut as leaders, coordinators, animators, educators, and activists in their grassroots initiatives. Adult natural persons and informal groups with an adult representative are eligible for the programme. Together, we co-organise initiatives that are cultural, social, networking or artistic in nature, such as workshops, meetings, events, city games, etc. The maximum amount of financial support for a single project is PLN 5,000 gross. In addition to the financial support we provide help in matters that may prove an issue, such as administrative, legal, logistic or promotional efforts.

The focus of Microgrants is education and talent development in the area of local community activism. We strive to promote knowledge and improve skills of people that try to realise their debut social initatives and manage ongoing projects. Promoting decentralised operation is important to us – including the their spatial, institutional, and organisational aspects. We also strive to realise the functional potential of spaces available in Wrocław communities. We're trying to encourage city residents to realise initiatives in their local communities – outside the already busy Old City. We are actively expanding network of partners in various areas of social activism. We help map initiatives that have common goals or activities in different – or same – areas of the city.

In 2017 we launched two new initiatives supporting these goals and the creation of a league of local heroes:


is a meeting of the winners from previous editions of Microgrants (known previously as ECoC Wrocław 2016 microGRANTS). It's an opportunity to discuss future events, get to know each other, share experiences and engage in partnerships with other local leaders.

The Microgrants Academy

is a three-month series of workshops and lectures for Wrocław residents that are planning their debut as coordinators, animators, educators, and social activists. During weekly meetings with veterans of local social initiatives they have the opportunity to learn about researching and formulating the needs of their target groups, creating well-structured schedules and budgets, adjusting types of activities to the available spaces, effectively reaching their target audience, sharing results of the event, and, after efficiently settling the expenses, plan its next edition.

In 2018 we started experimenting with a cycle of educational content for leaders of local communities, activists co-creating the cultural offerings of Wrocław, and anyone interested in developing their talents in hosting city events. In 2019 we began organising three two-day meetings on the weekends

Microgrant Workshops

– which involve two days of learning and exercises concerning projects for local communities and neighbourhoods. Theoretical and practical workshops are focused on the most frequent or demanding aspects of local social initiatives. As a result of our cooperation with Wrocław activists, leaders, and initiators of various activities, and by performing analysis of the post-project data, each year we select three critical matters.

You can learn more about Microgrants HERE: