5.12.2019 Thursday

LWOWRO + Kraków project visiting Wrocław

At the end of November 2019, representatives of the Culture Zone Wrocław, the Krakow Festival Office and the Lviv cultural community met in Wrocław, continuing the new edition of the LWOWRO + Kraków project. The program includes meetings devoted to architectural education, collective memory and workshop work on the implementation of the joint project.

Krakow Festival Office

Institute of Cultural Strategy

Within the LWOWRO + Kraków cycle, six representatives of the cultural community from Lviv – Anastasia Chuprynska, Natalia Heraimovych, Maryana Kuzemska-Danylyuk, Anastasia Nechyporenko, Viktoria Shvydko and Myroslav Trofymuk – visited the capital of Lower Silesia.

Day 1: architectural education

During the first workshops prepared in cooperation with the Krakow Festival Office, work was carried out on the subject of post-war architectural heritage, practices used in the processes of changing the perception of it by the community. Dr. Agata Gabiś introduced the participants to the secrets of urban activism and projects devoted to architectural education. Grzegorz Jankowicz, on the other hand, discovered mechanisms of collective memory, actions with the latest history of cities and methods of collecting spoken stories in front of Lviv’s cultural managers.

Days 2 and 3: designing a joint action

In the following days of their stay in Wrocław, the participants of LWOWRO + Kraków worked on the idea of a joint project, using the knowledge and competences gained during a two-year cycle of trainings and workshops, as well as the inspirations collected during that time. Bastian Küntzel helped in the workshop work on the project that the group wants to implement next year, using creative educational methods and listening to the voice of each of the participants.

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