17.02.2020 Monday

Polish-Lithuanian workshops of joint projects

At the invitation of the Culture Zone Wroclaw and the Office of the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022, ten representatives of the artistic and cultural environemt of Wroclaw, Kaunas and the region will take part in a three-day study visit, combined with a networking meeting held in March this year.


European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022, fot. Andrius Aleksandravi─Źius

European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022

The joint workshop will take place in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, which is very interesting due to its history, which is clearly reflected in the urban fabric. The changing fate of this place, which in the interwar period was the capital of independent Lithuania, has influenced its community, development and present-day significance, especially highlighted by the title of European Capital of Culture in 2022. Both Wroclaw and Kaunas have a rich and vibrant artistic scene. We know from experience that enabling cooperation between representatives of creative sector of both cities will give space for new synergies and implementation of interesting and valuable artistic initiatives.

Chosen participants are:

Ieva Brik─Ś, Daniel Brozek, Olga Budzan, Iwona Ogrodzka, Aust─Ś Parulyt─Ś, Matas Samulionis, Jakub Tabisz, Daniela Tagowska, Ieva O. Voroneckyt─Ś.

They will have an opportunity to work together on projects concerning, among others, common heritage, artistic interpretation of modernist architecture, memory and urban identity. Developed ideas will have a chance to be implemented under the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022 programme.

The study visit is co-organised by the Office of the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022.



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