12.08.2019 Monday

Judith Röder’s “View from a window” – movie screening + discussion

At the beginning of this year, German artist Judith Röder once again visited Lower Silesia, this time as part of a study visit organized thanks to the cooperation of the Wrocław Culture Zone and the Version Foundation – one of the two organisations from Wrocław whose projects were included in the AIR Wro programme as part of the last edition of the Competition for NGO.

Fascinated by the so-called Recovered Territories, the artist decided to show this region using a unique tool: a 16-millimeter analog Bolex camera. The choice of equipment is not accidental, because working with it requires some kind of craftsmanship, patience and respect for the medium, which is analog film. Each of the shots required a great deal of concentration from Röder, and the effects recorded on several spools of the film were developed and digitalized in one of the last places offering such opportunities in Europe. The result of her work is an almost 22-minute, melancholic and deeply poetic artistic film, which will be premiered on 17 August at the Otwarta Przestrzeń Kultury in the Szczytnicki Park in Wrocław. Additionally, thanks to the cooperation with the Foundation Instytut Reportażu, Röder’s work will also be presented at this year’s edition of Miedzianka Fest between August 23rd and 25th.

What does the artist herself say about the film? “Wrocław. Lower Silesia, where the landscape is shaped by various political, cultural and social concepts. Architecture gives testimony, it exists reflecting both memories and memories as well as the present. As an artist, I create the still nature of single frames using silent shots of a still camera. The unstable image of a 16 mm analog camera shows the passage of time. The visible signs of the past are gaining in importance. Dysfunction, loss of usefulness, absence of the original purpose opens the space to beauty.”

The screening of the film will be accompanied by a meeting about the material heritage and heritage of Lower Silesia and its affiliation. What social and political processes led to the disintegration of some of the extraordinary monuments of Lower Silesia? Is there a visible transformation of the landscape of our region, which took place during two generations? Who and why is trying to save monuments of memory? We will talk with Maciek Wlazło, the author of the blog Beard of Breslau, Angelika Babula from the Anna Foundation in Gostkowo and art historians Agata Gabiś and Jakub Zarzycki about how the places are shaped – both geologically (mines, sandpits, quarries) and culturally (architecture, urban planning) – by their inhabitants.

Where? Otwarta Przestrzeń Kultury – St. John Nepomucen’s Church

When? Saturday – 17 August, 18:00 pm

Organizers: Strefa Kultury Wrocław and Wersja Foundation

Partners: Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego, Otwarta Przestrzeń Kultury, BWA Wrocław

Participation in the meeting is free of charge.

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