1.04.2019 Monday

Wrocław Cultural Guide for april is now available

If we were to pick the most “musical” month, it would definitely be April. And that’s why you are now reading the most musical issue of the “Guide” our team has released to date — all for you!

There are several reasons, and the most important of them is one of the oldest festivals on the Odra River, taking place for the 55th time this year. We are, of course, talking about the Santander Jazz on the Odra Festival, at the end of April – this should give you ample time to read our interviews with jazz musicians Sławek Jaskułke and Kuba Więcek, who unanimously agree that Polish jazz is now in a very good place.

Up next, we have Tomek Wódkiewicz, also known as Horsy – an artist, producer, robot constructor (!), known to the residents of Wrocław primarily as the manager of Wyspa Tamka – we interviewed him in connection with his April concert in the Kalambur.

But wait, there’s more! You will also have an opportunity to dance at Impart again. After events in the rhythm of swing, tango and soul train line, it is time for folk – feel free to take advantage of our mini-dictionary of Polish folk music. Other than that, you can also solve our dance word search
(a perfect way to start the International Dance Day celebrated on the 29th of April), listen to the freshly released album by Wrocław-based NOTOPOP, and soon you will be also able to enjoy Run the Beat, a new game developed by Mousetrap Games from Wrocław.

Of course, that’s not all – we wouldn’t want to be accused of being monothematic – but to see more, you will have to look inside.

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