5.03.2019 Thuesday

Wrocław Cultural Guide for march is now available

After the shortest, gloomiest and most wintery month of the year, it is time for March. Soon enough we will be able to exclaim that spring is here, and we’ll start thinking about leaving our homes and spending the ever-longer spring days in various interesting ways. What does the world of culture have to offer in Wrocław?

To start with, we are in for some staples of Wrocław’s event programme, including the Stage Songs Review – the 40th anniversary edition of which has been presented in the current edition of the “Guide” in the form of a TOP 5 list by its artistic director Cezary Studniak. The cinema and museums will let us take in a breath of fresh air from the East – the Lower Silesian Film Centre is going to host the second meeting in the KinoUkraïna series, presented – both the series and the Ukrainian cinema – by Anna Ursulenko, and the Wrocław Contemporary Museum will host States of focus exhibition – a confrontation of the oeuvre of Natalia LL – an artist connected with Wrocław – spanning fifty years with works by more than 40 other artists from Poland and countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

In this issue we are also going to venture outside the city thanks to the Wrocław Cinematograph – the film series at Barbara, currently running its fourth season – showing that the Lower Silesian film sets were successfully used (and are still used to this day) by the film industry, offering their beauty, riches and diversity. This is proved by the latest work by Borys Lankosz – Dark, Almost Night – shot in Wałbrzych, among other locations, recommended by the “Guide” team in our new releases section, along with Filip Zawada’s latest book.

In the month of March, you can also expect some intensified traffic on Wrocław’s bicycle paths, which were closely examined by Krzysiek Stęplowski – author of the monthly Ugly Wrocław photostory. We also have something in store for those of our readers who like hiking and maybe even some students skipping school – a walk along the Nadodrze herstorical trail.

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