Robert Bachara


Year of birth: 1985 Field: Classical music City: Świdnica

“BACH!” residency, organized by the Parish of the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Świdnica, was connected with well-known in Poland and abroad Świdnica Bach Festival. This time the unique landmark, where most of the festival events take place – the Church of Peace, was just one of the inspirations for artist residing in Świdnica. During his three weeks long project young violinist – Robert Bachara, collaborated with citizens of Świdnica on the interpretation of sonatas and partitas by Johann Sebastian Bach. These action were accompanied by many small activities taking place in the whole town and by meetings with the communities of neighboring municipalities. Bachara planned actions connecting various media and techniques – temporary interventions in urban space, using photography and film. At each stage he was accompanied by two people – a local, curator Krzysztof Dix, who played the role of a city guide and helped Bachara explore the themes and stories of his interest, and photographer Maciej Ławniczak documenting the residency, but also involved in the artistic activities.

Particularly important concept of the residency was its multidisciplinary aspect, but with emphasis on the role of the artist in promoting the works of Bach among non-festival, often musically uneducated community. Classical music is associated with the field of art accessible to connoisseurs, not that appealing to average audience, but the whole programme of this residency was planned to deny this stereotype and include people of all ages and with different cultural capital in the activities. Another important aspect was stepping into the urban space, that’s supposedly less popular and situated outside the center of the town.