18.06.2018 Monday

Culture of Mobility 6.0: we know the results

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

It's time for the results of the last edition of the "Culture of Mobility" programme in 2018. This programme is a part of AIR Wro and its goal is to support the mobility of the representatives of art, creative and cultural environments. We're happy to announce that Holland, France, Portugal, United States and Ukraine are the new directions for the Wrocław-based creatives ones.

Magdalena Kreis is a Wrocław-based animator, curator and coordinator who for eight years has been cooperating with the WRO Art Center, the BWA Wrocław Galeries of Contemporary Art and the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. Kreis is also the co-creator of the 3D czyli Dizajn Dla Dzieci and the Sunday Matinees at WRO projects, focusing on the youngest and the most demanding recipients. A study visit in the Netherlands will involve a visit to, among others, Villa Zebra – children’s museum in Rotterdam.

Natalia Gołubowska graduated from the Mediation of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław with the title of the Best Diploma in 2014. She actively represents a group of art mediators, by profession she is a critic, curator and animator. In her activities, she combines the passion of creation and the need to function in a group. She deals with artistic education in workshop activities, creates projects that are socially engaging. Gołubowska will go to the New York City, where she will carry out a series of workshops as part of the ARTpolonia programme.

Yuriy Biley graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lviv, he is also a scholarship holder of the “Gaude Polonia” programme. Biley works in areas related to performance and visual arts, and his works have been presented in many European cities. In 2011, together with Pavlo Kovachem and Stanislav Turin, he founded one of the most important independent art galleries in Lviv, “Detenpy Gallery”, presenting the work of Ukrainian and foreign contemporary artists. He’s also the co-founder of the Open Group operating since 2012. Biley will on a residency as part of the oldest Ukrainian land art festival “Mohrytsia – a borderland space”.

Andrzej Rafałowicz is a graduate of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław, and since 2008 he also works as an assistant at his home university. The main discipline of Rafałowicz’s artistic practice is painting, though as part of his work he also reaches for other media, also exploring graphics or video. Rafałowicz will go to his residence in Lisbon, where he will work in a centre connected with contemporary art – Zaratan Arte Contemporâne.

Magdalena Pawlik and Jakub Olejnik, in turn, will take a study visit to Paris. They are both associated with the Wrocław-based Bass and Beats Festival, and in Paris plan to take part in a series of meetings related to the organization of the “@Paderevski Orchestra” project, which will be implemented as part of the second edition of the festival.

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