25.10.2020 Sunday

Culture of Mobility: meet the last participants!

We announce the last round of results of this year's Culture of Mobility! Moldova, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany are the next countries where the representatives of culture circles from Wrocław and Lower Silesia will travel to. Congratulations!

Marysia Łuc's art work made during her stay in Centro Negra within the framework of Culture of Mobility

Despite the specific time of the global crisis, which has been nullifying many plans, the last applications for mobility support for creators from the Lower Silesia region were submitted in the autumn call for proposals this year. The four-person committee, composed of representatives of the international Wrocław Culture Zone team, decided to grant financial support to 4 foreign projects. We would like to thank all those interested!

Who received the support?

Katarzyna Kuczyńska and Jose Luis Sosa Estang will carry out the project “Latin Therapy among the Polish Diaspora” consisting of two popularization trips. Their aim is to familiarize Polish communities (in Moldova and Slovakia) with the social innovation: “Latin American rhythms – a multimedia guide for eurhythmics teachers, choreographers and music therapists”. The duo started cooperation with the association “Dom Polski” in Bielice and OZ Polonus in Żylin.

Robert Traczyk will visit Berlin in mid-November, where, at the invitation of the “Culture Schmuggelen” association, he will work as a light director on the German premiere of “Amazon Burns” play based on a text by Maja Staśko.

Przemysław Wojcieszek will go to Prague to stage his own play “Screenplay for three actresses” in the “Letka” club. The staging of the play at the beginning of December will be the inauguration of the “Three Chairs” theater: a unique, cross-border theatrical initiative connecting the three most important cities of Central Europe: Brelin, Wroclaw and Prague.

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