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Mythical Prometheus back in Impart

A universal story about a clash of two opposing ideas, references to the ancient theatre, striking stunts, elements of equilibristics, dance and eastern martial arts – spectacular “Prometheus” will be back on Impart stage in February. The performance prepared with great panache is not, however, focused solely on acrobatics, as it tells a clear and timeless story. The ticket sale has started.

An inspiration to create the play was a clash of two strong feelings – annoyance with the omnipresent ignorance and very popular now denial of science and inability to accept all those pseudophilosophical overinterpretations of myths, regardless of their origin: whether they are Greek, Scandinavian, Celtic or Chinese. The clash of those two phenomena resulted in an idea to present a certain myth the way it was written, without misinterpreted, over-intellectual adds-on – says the director of the play, Kamil Przyboś.

The ancient myth of Prometheus who enables people’s creativity, passions, and stirs their interest in the world using the fire he stole from gods, is a basis of the play. The main protagonist is a representative of  humanities, secularity, progress and science. He opposes Zeus, who symbolises dogmatic faith, unquestioning way of preserving traditions and blind, mindless obedience.

The play is based on the movement but it’s not solely a dancing nor pantomime performance. The main mean of expression is a stage movement in general, dance, acrobatics and equilibristics. “Prometheus” combines unusual show with drama, while its form alludes to the ancient theatre.

The play will be performed on 23, 24 and 25 January [February] in Impart (ul. Mazowiecka 17).  Tickets (PLN 25-35) can be purchased in Impart box office, on the websites: strefakultury.pl, www.eventim.pl and in retail outlets (Media Markt, Saturn, Empik).

Attention: A stroboscopic lamp is used during the performance.

Screenplay and direction, scenography, music adaptation: Kamil J. Przyboś
Choreography: Maja Lewicka
Costumes: Anna Chadaj
Lighting design: Tomasz Filipiak

23.02.2018, at 11 a.m. – for groups
24.02.2018, at 7 p.m. ⇒ Buy a ticket
25.02.2018, at 6 p.m. ⇒ Buy a ticket

Strefa Kultury Wrocław in collaboration with EVEREST Art Agency

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