12.10.2020 Monday

Residential autumn with an artist from the Basque Country

It is not the first time that the Basques have been invited to Wrocław. In previous years, thanks to the cooperation between the Culture Zone Wrocław (formerly the ECoC Wrocław 2016) and the  Etxepare Basque Institute, we have already hosted fourteen artists as a part of the AIR Wro programme. The aim of the long-term cooperation is to support the mobility of Basque artists, and the residency topics refer to the dialogue between creators of different disciplines and cultures.

Gala Knörr, Generaciones 2020, photo by Grimalt de Blanch

Gala Knörr, Rumble in the jungle, 2018

This year’s invitation for artists from the Basque Country is connected with the changes taking place in the world – anthropocene, an era of significant human influence on the ecosystem and geological system of our planet. The organizers of the project are wondering to what extent the urban landscape and ecosystem are shaped by humans and whether they interact, and if so, do they collide with each other instead of cooperating, or vice versa? New forms of activism, artistic practices and collectives appear in cities as an answer to the constant changes taking place in our communities.

What is the creative and cultural response to the anthropocene? How do cities react? What is the importance of sustainability and ecology, and how do they relate to culture? In response to these questions we will hear the voice of a multidisciplinary visual artist, the Knörr Gala.

Due to security measures related to COVID-19 the date of residency is postponed to 2021.

Basque artist

Gala Knörr is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in painting, video and installation. During her monthly residency in Wroclaw, in November, she wants to realize an art project that addresses the current problems of contemporary times. The artist calls the 21st century “the era of the neoliberal capitalist era of progress”, in which a definite overproduction of information coming from everywhere can be observed. Critically perceived by the artist, the digital and Internet images have become an inspiration to depict the anthropocentric attitude.

The residency is a process, more about the project soon!

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