12.07.2019 Friday

Summer residency with Irène Mélix

Autor: Strefa Kultury Wrocław

We’re all about self-publishing scene during summer in AIR Wro. Workshops, discussions and meetings around zines, printing and photo books are also a part of the residency of Irène Mélix – a queer artist, researcher and curator from Dresden.

art hub Wyspa Tamka

Irène came to Wrocław as a representative of Dresden, the sister city of Wrocław, continuing her research in the “queer archive” area. Her main goal is to recognize the status of lesbians from Wrocław who were looking for companions, partners or friends when publishing advertisements in various magazines. “Amour Sur Minitel” is a project about the need for closeness and intimacy, but also about loneliness and lack of understanding among the immediate environment and the status of women, who were often excluded or omitted even in LGBT+ communities (e.g. by publishing their ads in magazines addressed directly to men).

During her stay in Wrocław, Mélix meets a number of local activists and queer activists from, among other, the Kultura Równości or LAMBDA in Warsaw, collecting personal stories and clues from characters important to the Polish LGBT+ community. The whole – as a landscape of a kind of shadows of real people – will be presented by the artist on August 5th at Tamka, where the zine created in cooperation with z Ewa Rebeka Służyńska and Agata Kalinowska will be launched.

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