24.06.2020 Wednesday

LWOWRO: Anastasiia Savytska

Autor: Culture Zone Wroclaw

The exchange of experience, good practices and knowledge are key aspects of the LWOWRO project which is part of the international area of ​​Culture Zone Wrocław.

Today we will hold the second online meeting of representatives of the cultural community from Lviv. During video call we will continue talks about the workshop, methods and forms of project cooperation of managers from Ukraine. The possibility of direct cooperation in virtual space is a great opportunity to develop topics we would like to work on in the coming months. In the meantime, we are pleased to introduce the next participant in the project:

Anastasiia Savytska

Currently working at the Natural History Museum in Lviv. She is involved in scientific work, educational programs as well as coordinating activities for the dynamic development of the institution. She produced many interdisciplinary projects that stimulate interest in science, knowledge and art. Together with the program team, she organizes accompanying events at the museum, such as: science laboratories, lectures, concerts, performances and audiovisual projects related to the city’s life. Valuing the importance and need to exchange experiences, Anastasiia, being a participant in the LWOWRO project, wants to focus on developing the cultural project management space, as well as meet experts from Wroclaw who are using cultural processes in the urban environment.


Hello, I’m Nastya Savitska – LWOWRO project participant. I work in the department of museology of state Museum of Natural History in Lviv. I’m involved in content creation for exhibitions, educational programs and different interdisciplinary culture projects. I like the multidimensionality and depth of culture of Lviv. I would advice all the guests of the city to explore a beautiful architecture of Lviv, of course. And try to immerse themselves the in the contemporary culture processes of the city, which are quite diverse. Because modern Lviv’s artists can truly surprise you and the experienced audience. The process of moving to the virtual dimension is necessary but cannot be harsh and I think because in this way we may lose a number of target audiences. The issue of the quality and value of content that we will translate into virtuality is extremely important today. This questions seems more important for me now. Communication and networking between people and institutions, social and professional life is becoming integral aspect in cultural processes. Thank you! – says Anastasiia Savytska, participant of the LWOWRO programme.


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