4.06.2020 Thursday

LWOWRO: meet Tetyana Bey

The unique and key ​​international programme of Culture Zone Wroclaw LWOWRO is underway.

LWOWRO participants first online meeting

The first online meeting of participants is behind us. During that time we got to know each other and share the main topics we would like to work on in the following months. The current, unpredictable situation drives non-standard activities and drives to cultivate the creative potential of project participants. We will learn and develop managerial competencies together! Who are we working with this year? Let’s meet the next participant of the programme.

Tetyana Bey

Currently working in the program team of the Lviv City Museum (Muzei Mista = MuMi), a new cultural space located in the Lviv Town Hall’s cellars. She began her adventure with the museum three years ago by creating projects such as: Museum That Does Not Exist Yet, The 60th Year Of Our Media Era, POP UP MUSEUM STOP / PLAY / REPEAT, “IMPROVED” HERITAGE, PASSERBY. Since then, she has been working with the culture managers of municipal institutions, independent curators, artists, and museums employees. She is involved in projects developing networks of local communities which are building urban tissue. By participating in the LWOWRO programme, she wants to establish international contacts and learn how representatives of Wrocław culture cooporate with the city’s residents.

 Hi, my name is Tetyana Bey. I’m cultural manager from Lviv. Now I’m working on creating a city museum in a Lviv townhall underground. It will be a new culture institution and space for interdisciplinary exhibitions. My favourite thing about Lviv’s culture is the atmosphere of a small city where everyone knows each other. I would recommend to visit a different areas of the city to see it from all sides. No, I don’t think that we can move 100% of culture into virtual reality. People need social interactions, to meet real people and objects. Virtual reality is a good instrument to see the objects that already doesn’t exist or to design the future. – says Tetyana Bey, participant of the LWOWRO programme.

More about international activities of Culture Zone Wrocław HERE.


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