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LWOWRO: Veronika Homeniuk

We present another cultural manager from Lviv participating in the second edition of the LWOWRO programme. This is a creative space, where participants can get to know each other and share experience and competencies also with other Polish cultural managers, in order to build a sustainable international network.

Workshops during first edition

The program was planned to start in April, but unusual circumstances made it impossible to continue the meetings as planned. Culture Zone Wrocław together with the Cultural Strategy Institute introduce changes related to the implementation of this year’s edition of the LWOWRO program – it was moved to autumn. However, the good news is that you can already meet the participants of the program! We have begun a series of presentations by eight beneficiaries of the program, during which we present the profiles of representatives of the Lviv cultural community every week.

Get to know each other!

Veronika Homeniuk

He works mainly in the film and publishing industry.  She started her adventure with archives at the end of 2014 studying the biography of Sofia Jabłońska as a project manager. Four years later, together with the RODOVID publishing house, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the research team managed to publish material documenting Sofia’s life: it contains three illustrated novels, a photo book and the most complete biography of the author. Since then, she has been closely associated with the Ukrainian film industry. She worked for the Lviv Film Commission as manager of the Ukrainian Cinema Days and its industrial section – the Lviv Film Meetings 2018; she was also part of the production team of the EROICA feature film project, the FOCUS educational project, and a series of screenings and artistic talks with local directors. Thanks to her work on BLINDFOLD Taras Drona’s film in 2019, she had the opportunity, together with the head of the institution, Iryna Kowalczuk, to organize a presentation at the Ukrainian stand as part of the International Film Festival in Berlin. Since last year, she started working with the first film service in Lviv – RADAR, working as a line producer supporting independent films and local talent.

Hello! I’m Veronika Homeniuk – LWOWRO project participant. Now I’m working in film industry, most like line producer. Also I’m involved in book publishing. My last and the biggest work was dedicated to Sofia Jablonska and our team is still working with that. We spend a lot of time in archives, with archives works and our target is to place all materials we found to online archive. So I’ll continue about virtual reality. I think it’s normal way we are moving to, to virtual reality. But I can’t imagine 100% transformation because in culture product is just 50%. And 50 % is production, it is work with archives, is exploring city, exploring your history and etc. It’s a live communication from human to human and I think we will continue to do that. And what about Lviv – our city? I think the best thing you can do here it is to start a new project to develop infrastructure. The things we need first of all. And I hope to see you soon all. And hope you are in good health. Bye bye – says Veronika Homeniuk, participant of the LWOWRO programme.

The premiere of the next video presentation will take place on May 12th.
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