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Summary of 2020 with Culture of Mobility

The year 2020 has proved particularly difficult in terms of the mobility of artists and creators. Despite pandemic obstacles, Culture Zone Wrocław decided to act elstically and support international activities as much as possible. In recent months, participants of the Culture of Mobility programme have travelled to more and less distant European locations. Among them were Germany, Belgium, Spain and Iceland.

Emilia Marcjasz during her residency in Belgium

Maria Łuc during her residency in Spain

The five recruitment stages have met with slightly lesser but still visible interest. Although March and April were mainly associated with the cancellation of activities, residencies, festivals and exhibitions by the organisers and, of course, the global paralysis of mobility, circles from different countries did not give up on mutual support.

Maria Łuc, a visual artist, managed to hold a residency and realise an exhibition in Blanka, Spain. AADK Spain in Centro Negra, a place run by artists, provides space for experimental research and contemporary creation. It pays particular attention to the decentralisation of art and its portrayal in non-urban areas. The institution investigates the relationship between the centre and the periphery in relation to global problems. It seems that it is precisely such places that have gained in importance in 2020 and their remote/residential location has enabled them to act. Far away from people, close to nature, really valuable research and artistic projects are being developed. The effects of Maria Łuc’s residence could be seen, among other things, in the November issue of Wrocław’s Cultural Guide (p. 25).

During subsequent calls for proposals, Paulina Derska, who held a residence in Iceland, applied for the SKW project. The idea behind the project was to draw on the beauty of this country and its musical traditions in order to use impressions in later artistic activities. The place made available for the purposes of the residence was an ideal space for compositional work – a secluded house equipped with a piano, a rich collection of notes and a regional shallow-box. Paulina Derska also drew musical inspiration during her lonely wanderings and admiring the Icelandic landscapes, including the landscape, she was not exposed to contact with gatherings of people and thus pandemically safe.

Emilia Marcjasz, a glass artist, went to Ghent in Belgium for a residence in the Gentglas studio. She wanted to build a lasting network of contacts between glass artists, she wanted to carry out collaborative glass projects. She wanted to agree to broaden her knowledge and develop her skills in sculpting and forming glass in various metallurgical techniques. During a week-long stay, which was still uncertain at the last moment, due to cancelled flights to Belgium, Emilia learned new techniques of forming and sculpting hot glass, assisted other artists and carried out her own artistic project.

During a few days in Berlin, Robert Traczyk created the lighting arrangement and sound realization for the premiere of Amazon Burns, directed by Przemysław Wojcieszek and Andreas Visser, based on the text by Maja Staśko at KultuMArktHall. It was the last week of rehearsals, possible without the participation of the audience. The performance will be able to be shown to the audience as soon as possible after the removal of pandemic restrictions.

Culture of Mobility 2021

Culture of Mobility programme will be continued in the coming calendar year. There are still many projects left that have been selected due to their high level and interesting ideas, but which could not be achieved by the restrictions introduced in connection with the pandemic. In addition to their implementation and support, the Culture Zone Wrocław’s international team is planning to expand its activities. This decision was influenced by the current and observed need for mutual networking of different artistic circles. Details will be provided soon!

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