13.09.2018 Thursday

City and Culture: Segmentation in Practice

Autor: Culture Zone Wrocław

The "City and Culture" Conference will launch on the 18th of October with the main programme idea that is compromise. The event will include presentations by keynote speakers, discussions and workshops designed for culture makers and operators.

Our definition of a compromise is not related to cross-sector cooperation, fundraising or cultural diplomacy only. We see it in between of the needs of our audiences and the visions of curators and programmers. It seems as our ideas are not always going to meet the expectations of the participants and the way we promote our projects is not always clear enough. How can we meet their need then?

You will often be guided by your own vision or ideas while planning a cultural offering. You are likely to take your audience into account while splitting into some sort of categories such as young people, seniors, neighbour’s, etc.  As a matter of fact, the cultural sector has established tools for audience classification based on non-demographic factors. Culture audience segmentation uses leisure needs and styles as classifiers. It will help you tailor your cultural offering and the related communications to your target audience.

 “Segmentation in Practice or Audience Intelligence-Driven Offering & Communications Planning” workshop will be lead by Katarzyna Krauze and Małgorzata Zając from the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The workshop will help you learn what culture audience segmentation is and how it can help you achieve your goals, understand target group selection and identify ways of employing audience intelligence in developing your offering and communications.


Participant Profile: culture managers in public institution and non-governmental organizations, project coordinators and managers from major cultural institutions, event planners in smaller communities, people involved in in both programming and communications.

Katarzyna Krauze – graduated from the Warsaw University (Philosophy), Warsaw School of Economics (Management in Culture postgraduate studies) and French Administration Institute and Management (Master of Business Administration). Katarzyna is engaged with audience researches, events evaluation and marketing tools creation working as a head of Marketing Department in POLIN Museum. She brings visitors’ perspective in the center of museum organization co-operating with Communication, Exhibitions, Education, Public Program departments. She has 16 years’ experience in FMCG marketing and consumer research, creating successful campaigns for brands leaders on Polish market, working for companies like Kraft, Unilever, Danone.

Małgorzata Zając has a marketing position at the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews. She manages relationships with research agencies that are involved in decision-support projects for the museum. Major recent projects include a nationwide culture consumer segmentation study completed in partnership with the Chopin Museum and the Polish History Museum, a semiotic analysis for the communication of the “Blood. Dividing and Uniting” exhibition or a study into barriers to visiting the POLIN museum among families with children. Małgorzata believes market research does not make much sense if findings are not quickly applied in operations or change in the organisation. Małgorzata was previously the Communications Manager at Ipsos Poland, a leading international research agency, for 11 years.

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