Fabien Zocco


Year of birth: 1980 Field: Sztuki wizualne, nowe media City: Wrocław

Fabien Zocco is an artist who lives and works in Lille, France. Author of numerous multimedia and sound installations, in his works he explores the creative potential of technology outsourcing, applications and computer software.

During his residency in Wrocław, Fabien explored the space of the city, using the idea of psychogeography: to get to know the city freely; based not so much on a structured map or guide, but on his own intuition and experiences. The artist's special attention was attracted by the complex, "bookmarked" construction of Wrocław - the fruit of a turbulent and complicated past. For him, the city is a living palimpsest, consisting of numerous layers, entangled in time and space. The motto for his artistic search is a fragment from the Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino: "Arriving in each new city, the traveller finds his own past, of which he no longer remembered: the strangeness of what you are no longer or what you do not possess, awaits you when you pass through foreign places and never taken into possession".

Fabien's residency resulted in a video installation based on photographs taken by the artist during a walk in randomly selected places in Wrocław. During his search Fabien tried to find stories hidden under the visual facade of various objects. The key to the video installation will be a dialogue between the city space captured in photographs and texts on urban planning, sociology, psychogeography or poetry. The fragments selected by the artist, displayed according to a special key on three monitors, will reflect the experience gained by Fabien in Wrocław.