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Stories of four Belarusian artists currently living in Poland

December 2020 marked the end of the two-month residency project called Belarussian Winter, in which four female artists have participated: Paulina Kamarova, Zlata Lebedz, Volha Martynenka and Jana Shostak.

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Zlata Lebedz

The residency, organised by the Culture Zone Wrocław under the aegis of AIR Wro, reflected on the role of women in the revolution, also in the context of the current growing number of demonstrations in Poland, Belarus and many other countries of Europe and the world. Invited artists shared their thoughts with the coordinators of the mentioned AIR Wro residency programme. They also talked about their artistic projects. The effect of the Belarussian Winter project are the video interviews with the residents, which will be premiered on Culture Zone Wrocław’s YouTube channel on 8th March!

The date of the publication of the first interview with Paulina Kamarova is not accidental and falls on International Women’s Day. The host of the interviews, curator and animator Joanna Synowiec, in each of them leads a multi-level narration around the slogan “revolution is a woman”, although in the meantime she also asks about the relations between Poles and Belarusians and about everyday life of the artists.

Who are the invited artists?

Each of them is completely different. They are visual artists who talk about their ‘revolutionary’ experiences, both those occurring during the realisation of their own projects and those closely related to the political and social situation in, for example, Belarus or Poland. The Belarusian women taking part in the residency live in different parts of our country, e.g. in Warsaw, Katowice or Wrocław. What unites them is their common origin and the ever-present anxiety of everyday life. As a gesture of support and solidarity, Culture Zone Wrocław will continue its activities for foreign communities living temporarily or permanently in Poland.

How to watch the interviews?

Video interviews, giving a better insight into the socio-political situation of our eastern neighbours and exposing the role of women in the protests in Belarus, will be premiered on the Culture Zone Wrocław’s YouTube channel. The interviews are conducted in Polish and translated into English.

Schedule of publications:

8.03 Paulina Komarova | more about the artist

17:00 • premiere of the 1st interview

15.03 Zlata Lebedz | more about the artist

17:00 • premiere of the 2nd interview

22.03 Volha Martynenka | more about the artist

17:00 • the premiere of the 3rd interview

29.03 Jana Shostak | more about the artist

17:00 •  the premiere of the 4th interview

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